Welcome to Weave & Woven Exqusite Textiles!

We specialize in curating the most beautiful fabric's from around the world to brighten up your life!!! 

A Canadian Fabric Store located in Dundas, Ontario 🍁!

Our Story

I have alway enjoyed looking at fabric. Even before I knew how to sew my guilty pleasure was going to a quilt shop to just look (and touch) the beautiful fabric.

The years went by and I secured a job in the operating Room. The uniforms were ugly and those disposable hats disgusting. That sparked my desire to learn how to sew. I began to sew scrub hats .... Lot of scrub hats! I was finally able to purchase those fabrics that I had fallen in love with. I Opened my first shop called Custom Caps Company https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/CustomCapsCompany?ref=hdr_shop_menu. With that I was surround by fabric! 

I have become an avid quilter and being in Canada have found it hard to secure the fabrics that I adore. So..... Now I have finally followed my dream and have opened my own fabric store, Weave & Woven Exquisite Textiles!! I hope to Develop this store to have the most sought after interesting fabrics available around the world. 

Hope you enjoy browsing around,