Moon Stories Spark

Moon Stories Spark


Item Details:

➳ Collection: Nightfall

➳ Designer: Maureen Cracknell

➳ Manufacturer: Art Gallery Fabric

➳ Print name: Moon Stories Spark

➳ Weight/Material/Width: Quilting, Cotton, 44/45 inches


All Fabric is cut in 1/2 yard increments

1 = 1/2 Yard

2 = 1 Yard

3 = 1.5 Yard

4 = 2 Yards


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As the day fades into the darker shades of the sky, friendly creatures appear through the pine trees. The moon shines in its different phases and reveals the winged fauna and playful bunnies in the colors of a luminous nightfall. 

Why we 😍💕 it:
This Collection by Maureen Cracknell is so magical. Take a walk through the forest at dusk with her amazing patterns.