Double Gauze Whole Cloth Quilt Tutorial Part 1

Hello All!! 

September is upon us and I was just in the process of writing up my first post/tutorial. I have been pondering (and thinking very hard) about what my first post should be about. The theme that I kept coming back to was writing about the beautiful Nani Iro Double Gauze fabric. To be honest, before I ordered it in I had never sewn with it 😳! Once it arrived I was in love; its even more beautiful in person and the cuddle factor is +++. I had thoughts of making a 5" square patchwork but ....  once I had the fabric on the cutting table I couldn't bring myself to do it. I wonder if it is just me or does everyone get that feeling at some point in their quilting career that, for the life of you, you cannot cut that piece of fabric. Its like if you cut it then you will be shammed by the fabric gods. So, there it lay, all 10 bolts of it, on my shelf, not being used. Then one day I figured if I can't cut it I might as well make a whole cloth blanket out of it! Back on the cutting table it went and within hours I had my first beyond beautiful whole cloth quilt!! I'll be posting the tutorial in a few days. 

Cheers Beauties,