Weekly Crush

Hey Everyone! 

Hope everyones St. Patric's 🍀 weekend is off to a fabulous start! I have decided to try posting every Saturday about something I've been crushing on during the week, I'm going to call it "Weekly Crush" (I haven't thought of an amazing name but I think this one has a nice ring to it!).  These topics can range from clothes, recipes, shoes, song to a new fabric that I've been drooling over/has inspired me! 

Just to include a little housekeeping before I delve into my crush of the week. I'm still currently working on my first tutorial for the Double Gauze Blanket, I swear I haven't forgot!! (I'm striving for it too be well laid out and easy to follow).

Weekly Crush

So today while thinking of something I'm completely taken away with that is worth writing about I recieved an order from one of my amazing customers. The colours of the fabric she chose where just so inspiring that I was compelled to feature it!! I just love it!! Its so fun to look at! 

The fabrics within this order were:

  1.  Little Stripes in Blue
  2. Little Pears in Orange 
  3. Spot on in Metallic Gold
  4. Cow Parsley on Green 

Love, Love, Love!!! I've included links to the corresponding fabric below 🍀!! 

Hope you enjoyed a little snapshot of what I enjoy!! 

Have a good rest of your weekend Lovelies and thanks for stopping by 💋! 


Assorted fabric in Orange, Green, Blue, Gold

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