August Subscription Bundles

August Subscription Bundles

Our August Bundles have been unveiled and now its time to dig into all that fabric goodness!! I'm going to go over the 6 and 12 Pc Bundles including the inspiration that went into pulling them, why I pulled those specific prints and the actually prints themselves! So lets dive into the fabric awesomeness: 

August Large Bundle

August Large Subscription Bundle for Weave and Woven

We were inspired by the softer hues of greys and pinks that only those nights in August can bring. We added some modern touches with the black stripes and Navy lettering that give it that extra wow factor! 


  1. Twilight White in Peony Cloud ~ Moda

  2. Black Stripes ~ Robert Kaufman 

  3. Gather in Grey ~ Windham 

  4. Blossoms on Grey ~ Camelot Fabrics

  5. Polka Dots in Silver ~ Dear Stella 

  6. Floral notes in Navy ~ Windham 

  7. Mini Flowers in Pink ~ 3 Wishes

  8. Gingko Leaves in Marlin ~ Dear Stella

  9. Mono Florals in Grey ~ Windham 

  10. Blossoms on White ~ Camelot Fabrics

  11. Patch in Rose ~ Cotton and Steel 

  12. Sprouts in White ~ Windham 

August Large Subscription Bundle by Weave and Woven


August Small Bundle

August Small Subscription Bundle for Weave and Woven

For our small bundle we were inspired by all the fun and bright summer fruit!! We just fell in love with the colour combo of the minty teals, bight pinks and golden yellows. Such a bright and fun finish to a great summer season :)! 



  1. Add it up in Lip Gloss ~ Cotton and Steel 

  2. Teal Pears on White ~ PBS (Paint Brush Studios) 

  3. Twist in Honey ~ Dashwood Studio 

  4. Apples in Pink ~ Windham 

  5. Field Strawberries in Teal ~ Windham 

  6. Fruit Toss in Pink ~ PBS


Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed our August Fabric Pulls 

-Weave & Woven



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