May Bundles

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May Fabric Bundles 

Our May Bundles have been unveiled and now its time to dig into all that fabric goodness!! I'm going to go over the 6 and 12 Pc Bundles including the inspiration that went into pulling them, why I pulled those specific prints and the actually prints themselves! So lets dive into the fabric awesomeness: 

Fun Fat: The first time I wrote this I had everything done text all edited and formatted, photos edited and optimized and then guess what .. I swiped left on my mac with 2 fingers ... guess who never turned off this silly thing called gestures on their trackpad, and lost everything, Every. Single. Thing. I love my Mac but I don't see the point to that (insert swear word) feature!! 


May 6 Pc Bundle  

I really need a new name for these bundles ~ brainstorming must me done!! 

May 6pc fat quarter bundle by weave and woven | Monthly Fabric Subscription Bundle

We were inspired by Mother’s Day when curating this bundle. The idea of having high tea with those oh so cute mugs in a fresh spring garden 🌿💐!


  1. Topiary in White ~ Dear Stella
  2. Morning Dew in Minty Blue ~ Liberty of London
  3. Shibori in Floralia ~ Art Gallery Fabric
  4. Royal Gardens in White ~ Dear Stella
  5. Taupe Birds ~ 3 Wishes Fabric
  6. Hummingbirds in Dove ~ Tilda 


6 Pc The Fabric Club Monthly Subscription Fabric Bundle | Weave & Woven



May 12 Pc Bundle 

12 Pc Fat Quarter Bundle by Weave and Woven | Monthly Fabric Subscription Bundle

I have always found it difficult to find purple fabric that is my style (I think im just too picky) that’s when I thought this should be the jumping point for our May Bundle 🤗! All that amazing purple goodness mixed with greens, corals and of course mustard yellow for that amazing contrasting pop!! Hope you enjoy it 🥰! ⁣⁣


  1. Pansies in Multi ~ Dear Stella 
  2. X Marks in Charcoal ~ Moda
  3. Marquet Bouquet in Plum ~ Sweet Bee Designs 
  4. Unruly Terrace in Earth ~ Art Gallery Fabric 
  5. Watercolour Herringbone in Peach ~ Windham 
  6. Scallop Dots in Eggplant ~ Dear Stella 
  7. Floral Tapestry in Plum ~ Sweet Bee Designs 
  8. Rain Shower in Green ~ Sweet Bee Designs 
  9. Bees in Gold ~ Riley Blake Designs 
  10. Roof Top Gardens in Pinks ~ Sweet Bee Designs 
  11. Polka Dots in Dandelion ~ Dear Stella 
  12. Scallop Dots in Peony ~ Dear Stella 


12 pc Monthly Fabric Subscription Bundle | Weave & Woven


Hope you loved the fabrics as much as me!! If you want more info on the The Fabric Clubs Monthly Subsections Bundles click here: The Fabric Club 

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💜 Weave & Woven

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