Jardin I : W Gauze D | Double Gauze

nani IRO

  • $12.75 CAD

Item Details:

➳ Collection: nani IRO 2020

➳ Designer: Naomi Ito

➳ Manufacturer: Kokka

➳ Weight: Light Weight 

➳ Content: Double Gauze

➳ Width: 43" wide

All yardage is cut in 1/2 YARD Increments straight from the bolt in a continuous length.

1 = 1/2 Yard

2 = 1 Yard

3 = 1.5 Yard

4 = 2 Yards



From The Manufacture: 

Jardin I

Everyday scenery. The new morning, grass wake up
for the first time flower fragrance, herbs are shaking
Garden (Jardin) are views of the mind
views swaying in the wind to remain rustic

Everyday Scenery - Grass Wakes Up To The New Morning,
Flowers Become Fragrant, Herbs Are it swaying
Jardin is the scenery of the heart.
Let it simply sway with the wind as it is.

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