The nani IRO Sewing Studio Pattern Book


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From nani IRO:

Sewing book
"ATELIER to nani IRO sewing closet"

From the "ATELIER to nani IRO" celebrating its 6th year to
daily creations, workshops, items used for apparel,
all 47 items of 18 types and real large paper and commentary It is a fulfilling book that is stored.
Includes S, M & L, L +, and LL full-size patterns. Introducing the ideas of Sewing, from

simple tops and dresses that can be created in a couple of hours,
to coats where you can enjoy your creations over a day.

It is a pattern that can be used all year round if the fabric is changed to spring, summer, autumn and winter. If you change
fabric, the dress with a casual taste will become an elegant dress, and the
thin linen coat will be introduced in spring and summer, and if you make it with thick cotton linen,
many examples of different fabrics will be introduced in the same shape as autumn and winter doing.
Please enjoy the fun of making and dressing.

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