Watercolour Stem Bouquets

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I'm so happy with how these paintings turned out!! For the First Painting I used a smaller brush ( a size 4)  this time compared to my usually larger sizes 8 and 12. By using a smaller brush I found I was able to get in a lot more detail and define my flowers in a way I've never done!

It did take a lot longer to paint tho ..  and I felt I was running out of paint almost every stroke. All in all I think once in a while I'll try a small brush bouquet again! 

Coral, Pink and Olive Stem Floral Bouquet

This one I used my usual size 8 brush and went my more messy style! 

Purple, Pink and Yellow Stem Bouquet

Hope you enjoyed these ones! 



Paint: Holbein 48 Pan Pallet 

Paper: Strathmore 400lb

Brushes: Size 4,8,12 round black Velvet 

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  • Lovely ! do you sell this as a card or small picture ?

    Gail on

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