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Weave & Woven

Weave & Woven Gift Cards

Weave & Woven Gift Cards

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Weave & Woven Gift Card 

The Perfect Gift for a sewing friend or family member. Weave & Woven's Gift cards are redeemable on our online shop. 

Our gift cards are automatically delivered to the purchaser's email address entered under 'Contact Information' on the billing page at checkout. We recommend either printing out the gift card or sending the email link to your friend. There are instructions to redeem the gift card at checkout. Please note you cannot purchase our subscription bundles with gift cards!


  1. Gift Cards cannot be returned 
  2. Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase Subscription Bundles 
  3. Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase another Gift Card 
  4. Gift Cards do not expire 
  5. You need to keep a detailed record of reming funds on the gift card 
  6. Discounts cannot be used to purchase a Gift Card
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