Modern Fluorescent Pink Watercolour Roses

Modern Fluorescent Pink Watercolour Roses

Today I received my Mission Gold Bright Opera Pink watercolour tube (YESS!!). I thought how awesome would highlighter pink roses be! To say I love this colour would be an understatement, it's just so versatile. When the colour is watered down it have a lovely soft but cool pink shade and when its concentrated it has this almost highlight like pink that's oh so vibrant and pretty.

I'm also trying at add more interest to my foliage. I've been finding them very boring lately in my paintings so, to liven them up I've been experimenting with large drops of colours within a leaf. The contrast of the dark green with the lime creates so much more visual interest, I'm really loving the result!! 

Pink Watercolour Roses | Weave and Woven


Here is the Opera Pink Tube, I purchased it at Jackson Art Supplies (they are AMAZING! and have everything I've ever wanted)

Mission Gold Watercolor Paints | Weave and Woven

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