October Watercolour Florals

October Watercolour Florals

Hey Everyone! 

Feww, was it just me or was October quit crazy this year?? For the entire month I didn't have the chance to update my watercolour florals at all. I did make time to paint but between cutting orders, packaging and listing new prints there just wasn't enough time left in the day. 

Therefore, I'm unleashing all my florals painted in October in this post!!! How exciting right lol. I noticed I am kind of stuck in a layout rut so hopefully this November I can shake things up a bit!! 

For all the supplies I used: 


-My Strathmore Watercolour Journal (not the best quality paper but I love the portibality of it and the book aspect of it!) I purshased it off Amazon.ca once my first Journal was finished. 


- My two Custom Made watercolour pallets (I'm thinking about doing a post on the exact paint I have in each of them) The majority of them are Misson Gold Paints purchased from Jackson Art Supplies in the UK and Amazon.ca . I also bought some paints from Wyndham Art Supplies in Guelph (yeah Local) it was super close to Flip Flops Vet at the University and I would check it out while waiting for him. 


- I'm really set on my Round Princeton Neptune Brushes especially in sizes 8, 4 and 0. I also love my Silver Black Velvet Brushes but I just seem to be grabbing the others at the moment. 


Watercolour Florals

Watercolour florals Peach | Weave & Woven


Watercolour Florals Spring | Weave & Woven


Watercolour Florals Grey | Weave & Woven
Watercolour Florals Peachy Pink | Weave & Woven
Watercolour Florals Blue & Plum | Weave & Woven


Watercolour Florals Indigo and Violet | Weave & Woven
Watercolour Florals Vibrant | Weave & Woven
Watercolour Florals wildflower vase | Weave & Woven


You made it to the end lol!! Hope you enjoyed scrolling let me know if you would like a post about my custom pallets! 


Thanks for reading and let me know what one was your fav in the comment section,



Watercolour Florals Journal | Weave & Woven
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