Peachy Pink Watercolour Rose

Peachy Pink Watercolour Rose

Hey Everyone! My latest watercolour project was to make another clip art piece. Slowly woking my way from painting to digitizing my art for fabric!! 

I started with some watercolour doodles:

- Painted on Arches cold press 
- Windsor & Newton 48 pan set
- #2 Round Da Vinci brush, #4 Round Princeton brush  


I picked out the rose doodle to use, mostly because I felt it would be the easiest to remove the background! I then zoomed in and began to edit it:


Cleaned it up and added a watermark to use for social media:



From there I ventured to remove the background. I actually decided to use PicMonkey to do this, they have an option to remove background!! To be honest it worked out pretty well, you do have to go back in and touch up some spots but it does remove the bulk of the background in one click ( thats a win for me!!). After about 20min I had a png ready and then very roughly played with it!! Yah now to make smaller floral elements to add to it and then hopefully my first fabric print (fingers crossed)! 



Thanks for reading, 


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Looks so pretty! It would be fun to see a video of your process sometime!

Victoria Montgomery

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