Peony Watercolour Bouquet

Peony Watercolour Bouquet

 Show Me Your Florals 

Last Week I singed up for a Free Watercolour Classes hosted by the Happily Ever Crafter. I finally finished up the 7 courses and they were fabulous!!  

My Final Project was a peony bouquet and, I love the new way of doing peonies! I always find it interesting to learn how others paint their florals. There are just so many different ways to get the same flowers!! 


Peony Watercolour Bouquet | Weave & Woven

For the course I used my Sennelier Travel Set (I never seem to use it and I have no idea why 🤔.) I love the set the travel case is so freaking adorable. I purchased it a long time ago from Jacksons Art Supplies (my fav art supply store). Sennelier is an interesting brand as they use honey as their base for their watercolours!! I paints blend well and are very saturated looking.


I used my favourite brushes a #12,8 and 4 Round Black Velvet Brush. I bought them off amazon! 

Learned I'm not a fan of the larger #20'ish brushes 🤓. 

And my cute little bunny chopstick holder my BF got be from Taiwan!! 


My Colour Map of the Sennelier Travel Set



Hope you enjoyed reading, 


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