September Floral Vibes Bouquet

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Hey Everyone! 

Its ("finally") September and now I can blog about my September Vibes Watercolour Painting! Some of you probably saw it on Instagram but I held out till now to put it up on the blog. I'm not sure the exact reason why I waited .. It just didn't seem wright to post this fall colour pallet in the Summer!! 


September Watercolor Florals | Weave & Woven


I had so much fun making the colour pallet for this painting!


The mixes:

indigo and brown to make the warm black

Mixed Golden Yellow with Burnt Umber and Yellow Orchre to get the rich yellow hues

Mixed indigo with cobalt blue and a ton of water

Mixed Vermillion with orange and yellow to get the coral hues


I really like how it turned out and I hope you get all those Fall Feels from it! 

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