Soft Red Watercolour Blooms

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A little Update on the painting front!

I haven't had any spare time to paint these last couple of months, so last weekend I made some time. I wanted to play around with some red hues and if you know me I had to add some opera rose to it (honestly I just cannot not use it!!). I wanted more subtle green hues to offset the saturation of the florals for the leaves. I used the main red hue to mix with the green (sap green) in order to give a much duller look but also to keep the tone on the warmer side.  

Soft Red Watercolour Bouquet | Weave & Woven

I added some details to it on Sunday and I really don't like it. The bottom left floral is driving me crazy lol!! All and all it was so good to be back painting and I'm so glade I made some time! 


Soft Red Watercolour Florals | Weave & Woven

Hope you enjoyed my little snippet! If you have any suggestion or want to see a specific flower let me know in the comments!! 

-Weave & Woven 

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