Watercolour Journal Blooms

Watercolour Journal Blooms

Floral Bouquets

To welcome in January I have dug up my old watercolour journal and added some new bouquets to it! I bought this journal when I first started painting, and boy was it eye opening to look back! I'll hopefully take some time to add all the pictures here for you enjoyment :).

I purchased the Kuretake Gansai 48 colour watercolours for myself for Christmas (yah self gifts ;)!!). I have to say I'm really loving this pallet, the colours are creamy like I had hoped but also super vibrant. I'm also loving the the assortment of hard to find colours like pastel pink, light soft blues and lilac; the colours are so pretty and are colours you really can't mix yourself. 

Kuretake Gansai Watercolour | Weave & Woven

Kuretake Gansai Watercolour Opened | Weave & Woven

First Painting 

My first painting I really wanted to play with the lilac colour (because purple <3) and settled on a coral/orange colour pallet to go with it. I went with a more olive green for the greenery with a pop of hookers green. 

Coral and Lilac Blooms by Weave & Woven


Second Painting 

My Second Painting I wanted to test out the Royal Purple. I find almost all of my deeper coloured purples have a more gritty texture to them. Due to this grittiness I tend to stay away from all of them and when I do give in and use it I'm always so disappointed with the finished look of it. I have to say I'm beyond happy with this purple its so creamy, vibrant and ZERO grittiness!!! I cannot wait to start using it in all my paintings!!

I went with a coral/orange colour pallet again because the colours just complement each other so well. I added a little pop of yellow and then for the greenery used a sap green and hookers green mixed with black. 

Royal Purple & Coral Watercolour Bouquet by Weave & Woven

Third Painting

The pastel blues were just looking at me so I had to do a painting with them! To go with the cool blues I picked a maroon and burnt umber colour pallet. I wanted to stay away from the usual green leaves and used the same colours as the florals for the leaves. Not sure this was the best idea but I went with it lol! 

Winter Blues Watercolour Floral Bouquet | Weave & Woven


I used my new Princeton Neptune Brushes for these paintings. I purchased these over the holidays at Curry's Art Supply. I have to say I'm really liking them, I love that they are 100% synthetic but have the most amazing feel to them; nothing like the synthetic brushes I'm used to. I used the #8, #6 and #0 Round for this painting and the #8 and #4 Round for the first painting. 

Princeton Neptune Watercolour Brushes | Weave & Woven



Let me know in the comments whats your favourite watercolours and Brushes! Also if you know of a good watercolour journal let me know I'm looking for a new one :) 


Hope You Enjoyed Reading,

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Where to find item Links (not paid for links, just an FYI): 

Kuretake Gansai Tambi 48 Colour Set - Amazon

Princeton Neptune Watercolour Brushes - Curry's Art Supply

Watercolour Journal - Amazon (not the best quality, I will not be purchasing it again)   

Butchers Tray - Amazon (sold at many places, for a better price look around!) 



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